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Elevate Your Hair and Makeup for Today's Bride |

This class will be happening in Vancouver, Nov 29th to Dec. 2nd.


Welcome to Pink Orchid Studio's Global Bridal Program, an innovative and new approach designed to elevate your skills in bridal hair and makeup. This comprehensive course is tailored for aspiring and seasoned professionals who aim to stay ahead in the ever-evolving wedding industry. Our program offers a blend of creative techniques, business acumen, and practical skills necessary to thrive in the global bridal market.


Course Outline:

  1. Makeup Fundamentals

    • Master the basics and advanced techniques of bridal makeup. Learn to create flawless, long-lasting looks that cater to diverse skin tones and types.
  2. Business Strategies

    • Contract: Understand the essentials of drafting and managing client contracts to protect your business and ensure clear communication.
    • Etiquette: Learn the professional standards and etiquettes crucial for maintaining client relationships and delivering exceptional service.
    • Insurance: Gain insights into the types of insurance needed to safeguard your business against unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Content Creation

    • Develop skills in creating engaging and high-quality content to showcase your work, attract clients, and build a strong online presence.
  4. Social Media

    • Harness the power of social media platforms to market your services, connect with potential clients, and grow your brand globally.
  5. Bridal Dressing Services

    • Chunni Pinning: Learn the art of securely and aesthetically pinning the chunni for traditional bridal wear.
    • Veil Setting: Master techniques to set and style bridal veils seamlessly.
    • Jewellery Placement & Securing: Perfect the skill of placing and securing bridal jewellery to enhance the bride’s overall look.
  6. Cosmetic Retailing

    • Explore strategies for retailing cosmetics to your bridal clients, providing them with the best products to maintain their look.
  7. Tattoo Covering & Birthmark Covering

    • Acquire techniques for effectively covering tattoos and birthmarks, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.
  8. Sanitization and Hygiene

    • Understand the critical importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene and sanitization to ensure a safe and professional environment for your clients.

Join Pink Orchid Studio's Global Bridal Program and transform your bridal hair and makeup artistry to meet the demands of today’s brides with creativity, professionalism, and excellence. Enroll now to start your journey towards becoming a sought-after bridal expert in the global market.

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